Guidelines for presentation

There two main sessions :

Presentation Time 

Oral presentation:  6-8 Minutes and Q & A session 3-5 Minutes.

Poster Presentation:  5-7 minutes and Q & A session of 3 Minutes. 

The time limit will be clearly monitored and presenters are requested to adhere to it.

Poster Presentation

Guidelines for Poster Preparation

The Undergraduate research conference 2023 will accept only printed posters. You can refer to the APA site on how to make a good poster. 

Kindly print the poster in biodegradable material (paper, not plastic) and ensure that the poster is in portrait and not landscape (as in the template)

The poster should be a clear visual presentation of your full paper, should meet the following criteria:  

Title of the Poster  

Poster size and format  

Your Information  


Content of the Poster  


*Those selected for the UG conference must bring their printed poster on April 1st, for the event. No soft copy submissions required.

Oral Presentation

Guidelines for Oral presentation

Guidelines for Poster Presentation 

**Note that the poster and PPT templates were sent by March 17th, 2023.